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 Via Paolo Belizzi, 47
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Ci.Pi board srl, a leading company in the production of printed circuits in Piacenza, has been operating in the PCB market for over 20 years, guaranteeing high quality and fast delivery times. Our experience and knowledge has led us to high levels of quality and services in order to guarantee a reliable electronics assistance and increasingly focused on research and innovation. Cutting-edge technologies and a strong experience in the industry allow us to offer an extremely professional service. A complete range of specific machineries and inspection and analysis tools, an equipment test in order to carry out completed checks, both parametricand functional. The commercial and technical departments are at your complete disposal to face and solve any kind of problem, in a complete cooperation with our customers, providing support in mechanical prototyping and master design phases.

We offer

Ci.Pi.Board would like to ensure to each customer a “state-of-the-arts” product, while respecting the environment and complying with current legislation. Over 20 years of experience allow us to offer high quality products and solutions supported by a widespread, punctual and continuous service. The company specializes in all kinds of PCBs production: singlelayer and doublelayer, widely used in the most various sectors of electronics; up to 20 layers multilayer with standard or custom realizations with impedance control; high density multilayer circuits with buried holes or blind holes.; flexible and Rigid-Flex circuits, mostly used to solve interconnection problems, printed in Teflon made with Diclad® material to produce circuits with very high insulation especially in the radiofrequency field and, lastly, printed in metal core for LEDlighting or other applications that require high heat dissipation.


+39 02 36753260
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15th of May – 9.00am – 6.00pm
16th of May – 9.00am – 5:00pm
Vicenza Expo Centre – Pad. 1
Via dell’Oreficeria, 16 – Vicenza, Italy
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