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Company Profile

DVS was founded in 2003 to answer to thevgrowing need for quality supplies of printed circuit boards from the Asian market.
Over the years, DVS has added a mechanical division, TEKNOKIT, to the pcb, offering the possibility of dressing the product with electronic equipment: we start from your idea, we develop a 3D prototype and we support you in the mold and molding processes, to then refine the aesthetics with personalized screen printing.
The DVS LAB area provides designers, renderings, animation, latest generation 3D machines, digital printing to support the customer in choosing the best product.
Whether it’s printed circuits or plastic kits, DVS aims to ensure maximum reliability at every stage of the process, effectively offering excellence.
The first real step is the technical and commercial dialogue, essential for understanding the real needs of the customer and the end user.
Dialogue that is established thanks to the constant collaboration of our sales team made up of a network of specialized salesmen, which does not limit itself to selling a product or service, but supports the customer in order to better interpret his needs. All this thanks to the back office support provided by our internal rfq team which interfaces with factories and customers on a daily basis in order to offer the best solution.
Furthermore, our team dedicated to customer service is updated daily on the production status of each product and maintains a constant relationship with the customer to inform them in real time on the progress and any critical issues.
Experience and knowledge allow our technical team to support the customer in product design. To ensure functionality, design guidelines based on what manufacturers can achieve in practice should be applied.

Quality is not something that happens simply by inspecting the product once it is finished but it starts from the moment the customer entrusts us with the project, through the feasibility analysis, and through the choice of the appropriate production plant and the technology used.
An overseas expert team is always present in the production factories to ensure correct maintenance of the production lines as well as for final product checks.
The timeliness and expertise that we make available to the customer at our plants allow us a responsiveness and efficiency that would be difficult to reach from over 10,000 km away. The overseas structure is made up of a team of 20 qualified people coordinated by a team of Italian nationality resident in China for over 20 years. Combining two apparently so distant worlds means that the customer can enjoy stability and security. Being present is not enough if you don’t know our partner deeply on the one hand, and if you don’t know the needs of the market on the other.

We offer

Through our technical office we provide all the design consultancy necessary for the ideal development of the product and its complete realization, from the prototype to large-scale production.
From Single side to 24 layers, flex, rig and rigid flex, Fr4, cem or aluminium, from the thermoregulation sector to the automotive sector: a wide range of technologies at your service.

Thanks to the preparation of specialized and certified professionals, we support customers in the realization of their product: from the development of design and mathematics, to the design and construction of molds for plastic material components and molding, to the production of keyboards complete with in-mold machining.
ASSEMBLED KIT SUPPLY: Electronics, design and graphic customization: a complete, perfectly integrated product
The deep technical knowledge of DVS allows you to have a complete vision of the product and of
create functional, perfectly integrated and highly reliable keyboards. The range of solutions
possible is wide and customizable both in terms of functionality and that of graphic design.


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