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EGO GROUP is one of the most dynamic electronic subcontracting companies on the market and has gained recognition for its continuous growth over the past few years. We operate nationally and internationally from three production facilities: in province of Treviso – Italy, and in Novigrad – Croatia. We offer products and services to the market that are the result of our expertise and passion, whilst providing reliable solutions thanks to continuous innovation and investment in human resources. An exciting challenge to be won together with our clients, for whom we represent a highly-qualified reference company.
Since 2015, EGO GROUP has distinguished itself from its competitors with its important technological and service performances. We manage the entire supply cycle, i.e. we procure the components from selected players, manage the orders with our advanced logistics department, take care of the prototyping and mechanical assembly, perform functional device tests and create specific packaging. We adopt the same working logic as our clients; we identify with their needs and embrace their goals. And it is also for this reason that the EGO GROUP is not just any-old supplier, it becomes an actual alter ego.
We are a dynamic, responsive organisation that strives to provide punctual, suitable solutions, even in difficult market situations. We are a company that knows how to listen and make suggestions: we prefer constructive dialogue than monologues!
From the technical consultancy phase, to the production and testing engineering, right up to the procurement of all the necessary components: we do not just assemble a board, we provide a high-quality fully-finished product that is ready to enter our client’s production chain. Thanks to the three fully interchangeable production facilities, we are able to guarantee manufacturing continuity, as well as logistics services via the kanban method, blanket orders and buffer stock of the finished product or dedicated components. Industrial culture and artisan care at every processing stage: this is what makes us unique.
Both EGO GROUP production sites are ISO9001:2015-certified, structured according to the disaster recovery model and adopt the same processing technologies, with a view to a full backup. Our sites are equipped with SMT and automated optical inspection (AOI) assembly lines, wave soldering lines for PTH, ITC testing equipment (both fixture and flying-probe), x-rays, BGA rework station, fully-automated intelligent warehouse, specific tests according to the client’s specifications, a finished product-assembly and mechanical plastic-completion department, and the possibility to perform special processes such as painting/coating, vacuum resin coating and co-moulding. This is in addition to the material procurement service, the profile design and engineering phase, according to the technical specifications provided by the client, the FMEA process analysis and the after-sales support service.

We offer

EGO’s technical department is on hand to manage every development stage of both old and new products, in addition to feasibility study, hardware design, software design, master, development and wiring services.
As a result of our 20 years’ experience procuring resources on both the italian and world markets, we are able to offer a comprehensive sourcing service for all product parts such as components, wiring, mechanics and even manuals.
The smt production lines are a strategic EGO department that invests every year in both machinery and human resources with extensive production process experience.
The assembly lines can assemble BGS, ultra-fine pitch, IGS and QFN components.
The traditional component assembly departments offer preforming, manual insertion, automatic insertion and traditional wave soldering services, in addition to a brand-new selective soldering machine.
Automated optical inspection is performed throughout the entire smt production process by means of a device equipped with 5 cameras and a 3D component and reflow inspection function.
As a result of continuous investment, EGO has acquired a new, highly sophisticated BGS and QFN x-ray inspection device. Besides production testing, EGO also offers this testing service to third parties.
The company uses an optical inspection and infrared device for BGS reworking, in order to provide its clients with a means of being able to replace components during repair or maintenance works.
Functional tests are either provided by customers or developed by EGO according to the product specifications.
EGO offers various solutions for parametric testing on SPEA, SEICA and GENRAD platforms. Ict (in-circuit testing with a bed of nails tester) or flying probes.
As a result of continuous investment, EGO has acquired a new climatatic chamber -40° to +180° for climate cycle tests. Besides production testing, EGO also offers this testing facility to third parties.
Conformal coating consists of applying a thin layer of polymer material that adheres to the surface of the electronic board to protect the components from moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures. At EGO, the coating procedure is performed manually by either the expert operators or via the selective machine.
The co-injection moulding technique allows rubber components to be moulded directly onto the electronic board; these components adhere perfectly to the piece without needing to use glue or manually insert other components. Resin coating is another process that EGO offers, which unlike the co-injection moulding process, does not require a casting mould.
EGO has expanded over the years to provide its customers with a “turnkey” service of fully-assembled, tested, finished and packaged products. Besides its in-house electronic board production service, EGO also offers a wiring, metal rack, plastic case, mechanics, packaging and accessory procurement service to its clients.


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