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Mach3 Lab is a company specializing in the design and assembly of equipment for industrial automation. Mach3 Lab was founded in 2007 by a team of designers in the mechanical, electronic and software fields with the aim of providing effective solutions for the execution of optimized mechanical references on multilayer panels and on their inner layers (PED), and to inspect the multilayer panels after CNC drilling through the use of X-Rays.

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Over twenty years of experience has enabled Mach3 Lab to provide a high quality of design, production and business management by ensuring efficient, reliable and open products that satisfy customers’ needs.

The presence of different technologies in our products, such as motion control, I/O management, vision and X-ray technology, requires continuous attention to be paid to technological evolution so as to guarantee continuous improvement in performance.

Customer needs are also constantly evolving. For this reason, Mach3 Lab works constantly to introduce cutting-edge features that meet the new needs of printed circuit board manufacturers.

The Mach3 Lab team has a multi-technological know-how, is strongly present in the production processes of its customers, has efficient, modular and flexible development tools and, upstream of all this, passion and determination in facing challenges.

In addition, the company manages the three components of design – mechanical, electrical/systems engineering and software – directly, thus guaranteeing ownership of the projects and continuity in their management.


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