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Company Profile

MEC, an Italian company founded in 1982, produces and assembles electronic boards for several industries. Accuracy, timeliness and a strong problem-solving are its strengths.

In order to be an active partner in defining the production process of our customers, we propose a path made up of needs analysis and skills sharing. Our goal is provide solutions to optimize the customer’s production and consolidating its business continuity.

Here are the strengths shared by our team:

Know-how, people, quality: human resources is to MEC the element that broadens the vision, improves performance and contributes to continuous growth. The curiosity and experience of our collaborators are the levers that push the quality bar ever higher.

Technology, innovation, specialization: A team of competent and reliable people alone is not enough. There must be the best technology to support the team. This is why we invest every year in new machinery for the production of electronic boards: thus we give to MEC team the opportunity to implement the innovation that has always guided us

MEC electronic boards for every application are like us: flexible and dynamic.

The right electronic board for each sector. Even if the product does not change its essence from sector to sector, each application requires an ad hoc design study: each area always has specific needs to satisfy.

All the expertise gained in 40 years of activity and the originality that characterizes the best made in Italy allow us to create customized solutions. The electronic boards made by MEC are efficient, performing and usable on even very complex products. We promote and adopt an innovative attitude, aimed at finding the best solutions for our customers, in every sector.


We have analyzed a way to be always present in every phase of our customer’s production process. Hence the services of MEC, designed precisely to meet the logistical and organizational needs of any client. Outsource or Insource? MEC recommends the solution that best reflects the customer’s needs and also takes care of logistics and after-sales assistance.

We offer

Your electronic partner for the production of advanced boards.
MEC supplies complete and performing electronic solutions.

Thanks to machinery and the continuous training of its operators, MEC is able to successfully manage the specific requests of customers, managing, at the same time, to manage extremely small lots in an economic way.

This flexibility is guaranteed thanks to the willingness to invest in innovation, aiming at a systemic renewal of the equipment that characterizes the assembly phases.

The production process of electronic boards mainly begins with the SMT (Surface mount technology) assembly phase, which is the heart of MEC’s production.
With the clear aim of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, we have equipped the four assembly lines with automated optical controls and in-line ovens.

Equipment such as static cabinets and automatic storages with controlled temperature and humidity, bake ovens for the reconditioning of components and PCBs, vacuum packaging machines, guarantee management of the MSD (Moisture sensitive devices) components in line with the reference legislation IPC J-STD-033D.

Through hole technology (THT) is the traditional board assembly technique and is still an integral part of the electronic board assembly process.

For the automatic THT assembly of printed circuits, MEC has a VCD inserter, a machine that allows a quick and precise assembly of axial components.

The manual THT assembly of the electronic boards is managed by expert and highly trained personnel, distributed over several automated assembly lines through a loom recirculation line.

Soldering of THT components is entrusted to an automatic process that uses a wave soldering machine with leaded alloy, a wave soldering machine with lead free alloy, a selective welding machine with lead free alloy and finally a selective welding machine configured with both alloys. Thanks to the use of these systems, MEC is able to achieve high-performance results even on the welding of single spots, in compliance with the IPC-A-610 standards.

It is possible removing the classic welding residues that can compromise the subsequent testing steps, through a washing line with solvents and combined with a water wash. The operation can also be performed with the aid of ultrasound, if necessary.

The production of an electronic board ends with testing as a fundamental element of the service.
We offer ICT, flying probe and functional tests .

Meeting the needs of the most demanding customers, we have equipped the production with automated equipment capable of automatically dispensing the conformal coating, i.e. covering the PCBa with resin and diluent.
Two equipment dedicated to automatic silicone conformal coating and automatic acrylic conformal coating; the offer is completed with the possibility of spray and immersion dispensing, even with the aid of different materials.

Turnkey service with the assembly of the complete electronic equipment.


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