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Printed Circuit Boards go on stage at Vicenza Exhibition Centre on 18th and 19th May 2022

Focus on PCB – the first B2B trade show in Europe zeroing in on printed circuit boards- will be held on 18th and 19th May 2022 in Vicenza.

Milan, September 2023 – Focus on PCB, the first and only European B2B event specially dedicated to Printed Circuit Boards, is going to take place in Italy.

Brainchild of Assodel’s PCB Group (Italian Electronic Districts Association) and NürnbergMesse’s expertise (Nuremberg Trade Fair), Focus on PCB aims to meet the need for an encounter between the PCB stakeholders and end-users.

The purpose of the organizers is indeed to launch, for the first time in Italy, an annual event in a large exhibiting area, in which this segment’s professionals have a chance to get in touch with all the national business specializing in PCBs.

In this regard, Stefania Calcaterra, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse Italia, has stated: “I want to thank Assodel for the trust they placed on NürnbergMesse Italia by entrusting us with the organization of the first Exhibition in Europe exclusively dedicated to printed circuit boards, considering the growing importance that PCB industry is experiencing. We are proud to take on this challenge, and confident that the market will respond positively and seize this opportunity”.

Luca Giovelli, head of the PCB Group and Managing Director of Fineline Italy, has added: “Assodel PCB Group aims to attain both national and international outreach, hence our choice to collaborate with the Italian branch of NürnbergMesse, which is known for its professionalism and reliability. We are confident that this collaboration will greatly benefit all Assodel associates, which hold a prominent position in the field of electronics. In addition, as association, we are well aware of and very much interested in the growth the PCB market is witnessing. Most importantly we are  mindful of the need to acquire further technical know-how in order to better satisfy the market demand by delivering increasingly state-of-the-art and innovative products. “Focus on PCB” represents the opportunity to create an ever closer synergy between supply and demand. Professionalism, expertise, technical know-how and quality are the key assets to compete in this market segment”.

Focus on PCB is a unique chance for industry stakeholders, insiders, PCBs designers and end-users to meet and exchange ideas about the latest innovations in the sector. The event also includes conferences and forums with top PCB players and experts, which will thoroughly analyse the features and potential of this booming market.

What’s more, the several workshops and technical seminars will focus also on the different types of printed circuit boards: from the traditional single- and double sided PCBs to multilayer ones, from flex to rigid-flex PCBs, from metal-base to 3D-printed PCBs.

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