15 MAY 2024 – The third edition of ‘Focus on PCB – From Design to Assembly’, Europe’s only exhibition entirely dedicated to the printed circuit board industry, kicked off this morning. The event features 119 exhibitors from 16 different countries, offering a global overview of the industry. Highlights include 38 specialist talks, including conferences and technical forums with high-profile speakers. In addition, the fair hosts the return of the only Italian stage of the Manual Welding Championship organised by IPC and the debut of the new in-fair recruiting service called Focus on Career.

Organised by NürnbergMesse, promoted by the Assodel PCB Group and hosted by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group, Focus on PCB is an event sponsored by ANIE Electronic Components.
All the key players in the printed circuit board industry, including PCB manufacturers, distributors, subcontractors, EMS, material suppliers, service companies, suppliers of design tools, certification bodies, and analysis and testing laboratories, are taking part in this unique professional development and networking opportunity.

The fair will open its doors with the presence of Giorgio Xoccato, President of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce, and Stefania Calcaterra – Managing Director of NürnbergMesse Italia.

Giorgio XoccatoPresident of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce: ‘The sector of printed circuit board and electronic board production is a highly specialised field, which globally registers a constant growth trend against a market that is very focused on custom-made. Veneto ranks among the top regions in Italy for the quality level of its companies, and Vicenza is a true excellence, as it is home to more than a third of the regional companies and employs more than 40% of the workforce. We note, however, that this sector, like many others, is currently suffering from a lack of skilled labour, so much so that at a national level there is a 70% difficulty index in finding personnel. For this reason, one of our objectives as the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce is to invest resources to put in place training courses aimed at training young, motivated and prepared professionals linked to the world of engineering and electronics, and thus contribute to bridging this gap between demand and supply.

Stefania Calcaterra – Managing Director of NürnbergMesse Italia: ‘We have invested a lot of resources to make Focus on PCB an increasingly attractive and effective event. Now in its third edition, we are seeing a steadily growing interest from companies in the printed circuit board sector. For this reason, next year we plan to move to a larger hall, increasing space and services available for all companies present at the fair this year and to those who, due to the physical limitations of Hall 1, were unable to attend.’

Peter Ottmann – CEO of NürnbergMesse: ‘We are proud of the evolution of our trade fair Focus on PCB over the past three years. The event concept attracts highly qualified visitors from the design, assembly and marketing sectors. This means that Focus on PCB is not only a meeting place for industry experts, but also for decision makers and innovators from various key areas of the PCB industry. The special theme of this edition is the use of Artificial Intelligence in the production and development of PCBs, reflecting the innovative spirit and future-oriented mindset of this industry.’

Focus on PCB will be held at the IEG exhibition centre in Vicenza on 15 and 16 May 2024. A unique case in the European B2B exhibition scene, the fair represents an international reference for the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) industry, with a strong growth of European and non-European exhibitors compared to the previous edition.



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